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Germanium Wedged Windows Thorlabs

Thorlabs Precision Germanium Ge Windows are offered in Ø1/2 and Ø1 siz They are available uncoated or with an AR coating on both sides that providGermanium windows bonded on FeNiCo alloy frames for seam welding Sapphire window bonded on a FeNiCo alloy cap for resistance welding Surface Mount 30 Arcmin Wedged Windows Ø1/2 and Ø1 Germanium Windows Available Available Uncoated 20 16 µm or with E3 Broadband AR Coating 7 12 µm

75mm Dia x 5mm Thick 3 12μm AR Coated Ge Window

Jul 1 Germanium windows for Thermal Weapon Scopes sales dmphotonics Infrared thermography IRT thermal imaging and thermal video Germanium Lens Blank Infrared Plano Germanium Windows Customized Plano Germanium USD 380 add to cart Germanium Ball Lens Optical Ge Ball As such these germanium windows should be used at temperatures below 100°C Germanium s high density 533 g/cm3 should be considered when

sequoia Products Sequoia Semi Tech Inc

Germanium windows manufacturer custom Ge windows wedges and Ge lenses ideal for 8 14microns range Germanium windows and lenses up to 180mm Les Fenêtres TECHSPEC en Germanium Ge que nous proposons sont disponibles en tres options de traitement antireflet 3 12 μm pour les applications silicon wafers Germanium Semiconductor and Optical Grade CZ 2 6 lapped etched or polished Germanium blanks Germanium windows etc

Germanium Optique de precision PODEO

We have 3 options which are on the shelf and each has the 8 12 micron AR coating on them GE W 25 2 AR812 254 mm dia x 2 mm thick in stock request a Germanium Sapphire Windows from Galvoptics Galvoptics are a leading optical components company delivering solutions including germanium windows specialized in manufacturing precision optics and for example Germanium spherical lenses or Germanium cylindrical lenses and Germanium windows

Germanium Optical Windows UQG Optics from Stock

Sep 25 The optical properties of the polymeric polyethylene TPX polypropylene PTFE and single crystal quartz silicon germanium windows now Germanium Windows Germanium Ge is an optic that is mainly used in Fiber Optic and Infrared applications it is transparent in the IR range Ge is often used Germanium Optical Windows from Stock by UQG Optics Ltd Part GOW Optics from Stock Order Online

GALVOPTICS LTD Optical instruments Germanium Windows

They can be fitted either with Sapphire CaF2 or BaF2 or Germanium windows Axetris IR sources are ideally suited for compact IR gas detection modules like Caesium Iodide Potassium Chloride Glass all typ Fused Silica Quartz Mirrors Gallium Arsenide Sapphire Platinum Germanium Windows Fused Silica Galvoptics Ltd is a leading independent Optical company and have been based in Essex for over 45 years We manufacture and supply a wide range of optical

Demonstrating the accuracy of transmittance

39 cans and are available with protective cap or with reflector Sapphire CaF2 BaF2 and Germanium windows are op tional Axetris IR sources are ideally suit Germanium optical windows standard high precision info and specificationsFigure 4 Germanium measured on three different Optica instruments Figure 5 Transmittance of germanium windows of different thickness 960

Germanium Ge Optical Windows

Lens Anti reflection coating Requires additional germanium windows for outside use Product Description Tau 2 640 with F/B 35 105mm 3x continuous Zoom nosof Lenses and Mirrors which includes Germanium Lenses and Germanium Windows ZnSe Lenses and Aluminum MirrorsGermanium Optical Windows from ZYGO s Optics business segment are very highest precision windows custom made for a variety of high performance IR

germanium windows substrates Electro Optical

Hyperion Optics utilizes precision double polishers to produce Germanium windows at competitive pricing We strictly control every critical parameter at different Useful transmission range of Germanium windows is from 2 to 13µm Germanium is opaque in the visible Germanium has the property of thermal runaway Germanium is an excellent broadband ir window and substrate material with transmittance from 20 microns to 25 microns