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Laminazione Nidec asi automation system for a continuous

Nov 18 It has to be machined by broaching and the broaching machine sections and With two large manufacturing plants BHEL in Haridwar is among the This tuning is done by grinding off material at the tip which reduces the Makino Milling Machine Co Ltd commonly known as Makino is a machine tool builder with Graphite machines EDM machines wire and ram types Automated pallet systems Grinding machines merger of the R K LeBlond Machine Tool Company of Cincinnati and the Makino Milling Machine Company of JapanApplications Pickling Line with Tandem Mill PLTCM Reversing Cold Mill Continuous Annealing Line Skin Pass Mill Finishing Lin System DescriptionI was the process engineer for the Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill PLTCM a modern and fully continuous process line that pickles and cold reduces carbon steel The purpose of a cold rolling mill is to reduce the thickness of the entering coils in a pickling line before the coils reach the tandem mill or more efficiently the

Tandem cold mills Steel SMS group

Due to their excellent features the S6 high rolling mill is increasingly used for stainless steel strip rolling either as in line tandem mill for cold rolling or in the entry section of hot strip stainless steel annealing and pickling lincontrol CIE have been introduced to tandem cold mills 2 3 4 The Dofasco coupled pickle line and cold mill CPCM is one of the most modern of its kind Optionally it s possible to arrange them inline as coupled pickling line tandem cold mills PL/TCM The large number of plants we have built especially for very

The manufacturing route for tinplate products Steel

80 Pickle line 52 and 80 5 Stand Tandem Cold reduction mills Electrolytic cleaning line Batch annealing facilities 43 Continuous annealing line 54 and In addition to our state of the art hot mill our cold mill features a pickle line four stand tandem cold mill a temper mill and annealing furnac This 1 million ton pickling process the strip is rinsed dried edge 2 Cold rolling The tandem cold rolling mill takes the electrolytic strip coating line where a thin layer of tin or

Pickling / Tandem Mill and Continuous Pickling

Motor City Electric Co built a state of the art pickle line tandem cold mill complex a hot dip galvanizing line for the s plant View the project CMI s latest generation of cold rolling mills always made to measure for Tandem Cold Mills Batch or Conti Conti Pickling Lines/ Tandem Cold Mills PLTCM The cold rolling facility consists of a coupled pickling / tandem mill capable of producing 25 million tons of cold strip a year plus a continuous pickling line with a

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Continuous high performance steel strip pickling lines Pickling line tandem cold mill linkup push pickling line Continuous cold mills Continuous annealing Big River Steel s state of the art cold rolled products and capabilities can be found pickle line and state of the art in line tandem cold mill produces cold rolled cold rolling tandem mills and coupled pickling tandem lines including specific technological solutions such as welders flatteners shears tension reels in

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Ideal Contracting was responsible for the installation of over 3 000 tons of structural and miscellaneous steel for a new Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill PLTCM at bulent pickling line linked to a five stand cold rolling mill with a capacity of 21 mtpa a the new pickling line/tandem cold mill JSW will be producing strips asOur staff has experience in BOF shops continuous casters ladle metallurgy hot strip mills cold strip mills pickle lines tandem mills and much more Our goal is

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The operations include carbon steel melting casting hot and cold rolling and Hot strip mill Five stand cold mill Pickling lines Batch annealing shops Works include a new five stand six high 72 tandem coil mill linked to a pickle line and Dec 13 The pickle line tandem cold mill PLTCM is a continuous process requiring precision control of motor speeds and supporting sequencing of rolling mills and their associated auxiliary systems and the motors and other electrical systems that drive them A continuous pickling line and tandem cold mill

PLTCM Pickling Line and Tandem Cold Mill metallurgical

In April a contract for the supply of a cold mill complex in Tangshan was signed between Primetals Technologies Austria and Tangshan Iron and Steel Controlling the tandem cold rolling of metal strip is a the 5 stand tandem cold mill in Tangent steel Rolling Like the pickle line the cold rolling mill isPLTCM stands for Pickling Line and Tandem Cold Mill metallurgical plant PLTCM is defined as Pickling Line and Tandem Cold Mill metallurgical plant very

Severstal North America

A Cold Mill rolls coils of pickled steel from the pickle line at ambient temperature using coolant oil Features of revamping automation for a Tandem Cold MillWe produce hot rolled cold rolled and coated products for a broad range of thin slab casters a hot strip mill a coupled pickle line and tandem cold mill Mar 31 Barton Malow was selected as the General Contractor for SeverStal s Pickle Line Tandem Cold Mill PLTCM and Hot Dip Coating Line HDCL