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Time of flight detection of ultra cold atoms using resonant frequency modulation An ultra high optical depth cold atomic ensemble for quantum memories Experiments with gases of ultracold atoms are building on a long history of precision einem atomaren Ensemble kontrollieren lässt und erreichen tiefentartete Studying Superfluidity with Ultracold Atom Circuits 8 35 pm From Two Body to Few Body to Many Body Physics Selected Cold Atom Examples 8 40 pm

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Towards experimental quantum field tomography with ultracold atoms Cavity QED with an ultracold ensemble on a chip prospects for strong magnetic Sep 3 We propose our imaging method as a tool to characterize atomic ensembles for high capacity spatial multimode quantum memori Ultracold Ultracold atoms are atoms that are maintained at temperatures close to 0 kelvin absolute zero typically below temperatures of some tenths of microkelvins µK

Optically Engineered Quantum States in Ultrafast and

Pictured is an ultra cold cloud of rubidium 85 atoms suspended in ultra high have experimentally demonstrated its critical elements in a cold atomic ensembleA unique feature of ultra cold lithium atoms is that their scattering properties are In most experiments information about the ultra cold atomic ensemble is Mar 15 ensemble of ultracold Rydberg atoms to explore quantum many body dynamics Keywords Quantum classical boundary Wavefunction Laser

Quantum dynamical response of ultracold few boson

Jun 30 Ultracold Atomic Matter as a field of Study videos Serious Science the hottest particles from your ensemble you cool your ensembleJul 20 Quantum memory and turbulence in ultra cold atoms The atomic ensemble memory can receive an arbitrary polarization state of an incoming May 10 The correlated nonequilibrium quantum dynamics following a multiple interaction quench protocol for few bosonic ensembles confined in finite

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May 28 Without suitable schemes cold or ultracold chemical reactions are not In many innovative experiments the ensemble average is replaced by Recent advances in the tunability of ultracold atomic gases have created opportunities for This many body ensemble a BEC was not observed in the con For my PhD I moved into the field of ultracold atoms joining Prof the coherence of an ultracold atomic ensemble is modified by elastic collisions and how to

A Calcium Optical Frequency Standard with Ultracold

Cooperative optical non linearity due to dipole dipole interactions 2 Observation of cooperativity in an ultra cold Rydberg ensemble 3 Towards single photon translationally ultracold while the mK or mK ions in coulomb crystals oscillate in Other methods for probing the temperature of an ultracold ion ensemble areAn optical frequency standard based on an ensemble of neutral calcium atoms laser cooled to 12 µK has been realized By using ultracold atoms one major

Quantum control of spin correlations in ultracold

Ultracold gases are a relatively young field in atomic and molecular physics They became world wide known after the achievement of Bose Einstein Generating a picokelvin ultracold atomic ensemble in microgravity Lu Wang1 Peng Zhang2 Xu Zong Chen2 and Zhao Yuan Ma1 Published 19 September The proposed technique works with an unpolarized ensemble of non interacting spins such as may be obtained by loading ultracold atoms into a deep optical

Ultracold atoms and precision measurements

Dec 8 Rather they used excitations in a BEC which is an ultracold ensemble of atoms that are all in the same quantum state These excitations A resonant probe is send through a cold cloud of 88 strontium atoms For TR < τ the repetition rate is faster than any time scale of the atomic ensembleThis means that a cold ensemble of 88Sr can be considered as an ideal system of non interacting particl The most important consequence is the absence of

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At ZLab we use laser light to create ultracold diatomic molecules of strontium On a more fundamental level the molecules provide an ensemble of tiny clocks Computer Generated Holography for Ultracold Atoms Smoothness of the light pattern important in cold atom experiments to avoid heating the ensemble is The understanding of interactions of ultracold atoms is considerably extended it experimentally challenging to realize a dense and ultracold ensemble of Ne